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Landwirtschaft Feld

Agricultural industry



WASP-Vino supports winegrowers simply and efficiently in optimizing their harvest logistics. In In the browser-based system, the operations manager can manage the picking machine and members assigned to him/her and easily create missions. The recorded missions are scheduled via a timeline and assigned to the machines.

The system is supplemented by an app for mobile time recording and task processing. The drivers can use it to take over, process and complete the assigned tasks.

WASP Harvest

A continuous flow of information is guaranteed along the logistics chain from the field to the factory, from the mobile recording of the beet clamps to the scheduling of the "Rübenmaus" and transport vehicles, loading by the Rübenmaus and feedback on the status, loading and residual quantities.

Beet harvest
Combine harvester on field

WASP Resource Planning

Resource planning of employees and machines for implementing external projects with the modules

  • WASP-Scout: App for mobile recording of locations 

  • WASP task management: browser application for editing and managing the missions 

  • WASP task: App for mobile processing of missions

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