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Wald mobile Datenerfassung


Transport/Freight forwarders

  • Automatic transfer of freight orders in ELDAT standard (classic or smart)

  • Central management of freight orders

  • View of piles and delivery locations in integrated maps. (OSM, ESRI, Navlog, TK50, …)

  • Optimized dispatching through GPS live tracking

  • Driver app with tour management system 

  • Navigation and electronic delivery note 

  • . . .

Wood transport
Forest work

Forest owners/traders

  • Mobile pile registration with the WASP Woodscout app

  • Comprehensive pile management including coordinates 

  • Processing of provisions

  • Integration of web map services (ArcGIS-esri, OSM, NavLog ...), or offline maps, e.g. topographic maps of regional authorities

  • Recording and transfer of data as a QR code

  • Creation and handover of freight orders

  • . . .


  • Use of validation algorithms when assigning freight orders to forwarders

  • Tender module

  • Pre-scheduling of freight operations

  • Overview of the current status of freight orders

  • Visualization of planned deliveries

  • Simplified planning of incoming goods

  • Comparison of factory dimensions (weighing notes) with delivery data

  • . . .

Paper factory
wood chips

Wood chipping company

  • Management of chipping orders via web interface 

  • Import of chipping orders in ELDAT format (smart or classic), as Excel or CSV files

  • Detailed view of chipping orders and handover for dispatch

  • Monitoring deadlines, pile status with remaining volume, delivery quantity

  • Automatic feedback status, remaining and delivery quantity 

  • Operations planning and handover of operations to wood chipper and to the driver app for bulk goods vehicles 

  • Live tracking: Display of the position of the vehicles in real time for GPS-supported dispatching

  • . . .

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