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Besprechungstisch aus der Vogelperspektive

Strong partners


Logo Fraunhofer IML

The Fraunhofer Project Center for Transport, Mobility and Environment in Prien am Chiemsee has established itself as a competent contact and implementation partner for WASP in the areas of “freight transport”, “traffic planning” and “information logistics”.

Logo LKZ Prien

The Logistics Competence Center (LKZ) in Prien am Chiemsee has succeeded in bringing business and science together under one roof to handle logistical projects.

WASP-Logistik GmbH works in close cooperation with internal and external companies and institutes on practical solutions for logistics. 

Logo Lange & Fendel Software

Lange & Fendel Software GmbH is the founder and partner, as well as development and service partner of WASP Logistik GmbH. Long & Fendel Software GmbH, based in the Logistics Competence Center in Prien am Chiemsee, specializes in the development of practice-oriented business software for the areas of tourism, public transport and logistics.


WASP was supported by esa as a start-up.

The ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) Bavaria offers financial and technical support to young companies whose business model is based on the use of space technologies or space infrastructure for products in other economic sectors

Logo Logiball

NAVIGATION THAT KNOWS ALL THE WAYS.  Since 2004, LOGIBALL  a special navigation for the wood processing industry as well as forest administrations, forestry companies and transporters, which WASP has integrated into its driver app "WASP-TMS".

Logo geoGLIS

geoGLIS is all about geodata and its processing.

In addition to the online map service onmaps, geoGLIS provides offline maps for the WASP apps.

Logo KWF

The ELDATsmart standard was introduced as an industry standard for the communication of data between players in the forestry and wood industry in Germany. This data standard is being further developed by the ELDAT User Group, of which WASP is also a member, in close collaboration with the KWF.


On behalf of the forestry and timber industry, NavLog GmbH creates a routable data set that classifies forest paths throughout Germany for use by timber transporters.

WASP integrates this data into its applications.

Logo TH Rosenheim

The close connection between university, business and research is the central concern of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. Since 2007, the “Research and Development” (R&D) department at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences has been the central contact point for in-house scientists and external partners.

Logo ZiHL

Consulting and development for logistics companies.

The Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, the Fraunhofer Institute IML, Prien and WASP-Logistik GmbH founded the “ZiHL” network.
The vision of the partners involved is an order-oriented logistics chain that ensures a needs-based and sustainable supply of raw materials. 

Logo KWH 4.0

The Forest and Wood 4.0 Competence Center provides the necessary skills and infrastructure to develop and demonstrate the Forest and Wood 4.0 vision, to research new components, processes and business models as well as to provide further training and advice to the cluster actors, thus guaranteeing the consistent pursuit of the Forest and Wood 4.0 vision Wood 4.0 vision.

Logo mediation in bayern

In 2001, Florian Lange founded "mediation in Bavaria", a network of experienced, neutral mediators from a wide range of areas, such as entrepreneurs, tax advisors, lawyers or lawyers.

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